These Life Coaching sessions will be different from my psychic readings, in that they will be ongoing for a period of time to help my clients get through certain periods in their life, or to help them make serious life changes over time, or to enhance their own spiritual growth. This is NOT a psychic reading; however, if I do pick up on information I will pass it along.

Each client is an individual, and each person will need different types of information or work to get through certain things.

Issues that may come up in your Coaching Session(s) are:

  • Empowerment
  • Energy Work, May include work on your Chakras (energy centres)
  • Releasing past events/lives/challenges/people
  • Making changes to your everyday life
  • Making Changes to your way of thinking
  • Affirmations
  • Meditations
  • Changing relationships by changing the way you think, act and behave
  • Using the Law of Attraction
  • Transitioning your career
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As each Soul is different, each coaching session and time frame will be different.

Below are some examples of time frames for Life Coaching.

5 hours of life coaching. This can be done every two weeks, once a month, etc. I plan on trying to be flexible with the times of the coaching sessions.

We can do them in 30, or 60 minute blocks, whatever will work best for you, your schedule, and your life. Times are adjustable, based on where you are at in your life and your plans for your life.

Regular price for 5 hours is $450.00, but paid in advance would be $400.

Another example would be four half hour sessions weekly for 4 weeks. Regular price would be $200, but paid in advance for the coaching would be $150.

Individual Psychic Reading

I will sit with you and connect with the spirits to provide you with useful insight you can use to take steps towards reaching your potential.

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Intuitive Life Coaching & Empowerment

I help my clients get through certain periods in their life, or help them make serious life changes over time, or enhance their own spiritual growth.

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Group Readings & Parties

I will discuss your needs and arrange an event in your premises to fit your needs. Offered in-person in St John, BC and Dawson Creek, BC area, or by virual session.

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I can help investigate crimes and/or missing people and/or animals by using psychic abilities.

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