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Real Professional Psychic Medium…

I was raised in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am married with three children and they too have been experiencing their own intuitive skills. My marriage, how I was introduced to her husband is a true testament to the changes in my life. A psychic medium since childhood, I have conscious memories of spirit communication since the age of around 5 years old.

As a young adult, I struggled with the stereotypical idea of the paranormal. I entered this period of my life by ignoring my abilities. I describe this time as going through life with a veil over my eyes, going through the motions of life without really seeing or feeling because I was denying who and what I really was. Ignoring what caused me to lose myself. Today, I have embraced my abilities and the veil has lifted revealing a happy, content person.

I can be found performing workshops, seminars and readings in person, by phone, email or traveling throughout Canada and the United States. Every other month I can be heard on numerous radio programs. You can also view many of my printed articles in magazines. Information such as your name and date of birth are not necessary for me to tune into your past, present and future. I request that you do not give any information at all. I prefer to have the first 45 minutes of telling you what spirit has to say and leaving the last 15 minutes to ask questions.

I do not use any tools such as tarot, crystals or pendulum. I have been gifted with the ability to sense, see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. I am also a medical and pet intuitive. I pride myself on not allowing clients to become dependent on my abilities, but help them to nurture their own gifts.

What makes a session with me extraordinary is my belief that anything and everything is possible. I have done readings from Europe, across Canada and the USA! I have even performed readings for producers, news media and celebrities who have described me as a very accurate and unique reader. Every consultation with me is confidential. I do not even discuss the legal cases I work on with law enforcement.

I travel, being hosted by numerous places for readings, seminars and workshops. I am widely known for my accuracy, honesty and telling it like it is. I follow a strict code of ethics. I am dedicated to reminding people that we have not been left alone, we are loved and to show there is purpose to our lives and there is a reason we are here!

I am a Psychic Medium, Profiler and Remote Viewer with the natural ability to connect with Spirit and do not require the use of any tools. I am widely known for accuracy, honesty and “telling it like it is”.

I have helped thousands map out a clear and precise direction in their life path towards spiritual development and personal enrichment. I possess a unique talent for bridging the unknown and my clientele, uniting the unconscious world of the seen and unseen that lingers between physical and spiritual realities. I believe that we begin to heal and grow spiritually once we unlock the solutions by becoming aware of the life blocks that keep us from reaching our life theme.

As impressive as my gifts in communicating with animals, spirit guides and the spirits of those who have passed on from this life is my uncompromising integrity in doing this work. I am dedicated to reminding people that we have not been left alone, that we are loved, that there is purpose to our lives, and that there is a reason we are here!

Individual Psychic Reading

I will sit with you and connect with the spirits to provide you with useful insight you can use to take steps towards reaching your potential.

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Intuitive Life Coaching & Empowerment

I help my clients get through certain periods in their life, or help them make serious life changes over time, or enhance their own spiritual growth.

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Group Readings & Parties

I will discuss your needs and arrange an event in your premises to fit your needs. Offered in-person in St John, BC and Dawson Creek, BC area, or by virual session.

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I can help investigate crimes and/or missing people and/or animals by using psychic abilities.

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