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In Person available in the Fort St John, BC and Dawson Creek, BC area.
Other cities and dates for in person will posted and updated as scheduled.


30 minute
 medium session

30 minute with 10 minutes


45 – 60 minute
medium session

45 minute reading with
15 minutes conversation/ questions, etc.


30 minute
guidance session 

30 minute


45 minute
guidance session

45 minute


60 minute

consultation/teaching/mentoring session
(no reading) 



see group readings 
if you have
3 – 5 people total


**Last Minute Reading**

This appointment can be made within 24hrs and booked by emailing
(please contact)


Please be sure your phone number accepts blocked numbers, otherwise me or my assistant won’t be able to phone.
Read my policies for information on cancellations, rescheduling and no show.

Mediumship Sessions

Mediumship is connecting to your loved ones on the other side. This is where I will link with your people in spirit for evidential information from them (so you can identify them) and any messages they may have for you or others here. Mediumship is to prove the continuity of life after “so called death” and to show you that your loved ones are still around and aware of what is going on in your life.

I do not accept phone appointments for this type of session at this time. Skype, Zoom and FaceTime sessions are available; however, I recommend waiting at least three (3) months after your loved one has passed to contact my office (or any medium) for a reading. This is because you need an opportunity to take some time to grieve.  Mediumship should never take the place of grief counseling.  

Life Guidance Sessions

THIS IS NOT FORTUNE TELLING. The purpose of this reading is to give encouragement, inspiration and support from guides through my intuitive ability. I will connect with your energy and those of my guides regarding specific questions or life path suggestions. Nothing negative or scary will be given to me about you! I connect with your energy for the highest of all good for information to help you to live a more positive and productive life.

I will help you to define your desired outcome, explore the current energies that surround you and understand the likely outcomes if you were to follow certain paths. Sessions will bring up energy helpers and energy blockages you may have at the time of the session, but it’s up to YOU to change that energy if needed.

The information is not to answer questions, it is meant to support, encourage and help you to move forward in your life in the most positive and productive way.

Consultation/Mentoring Sessions

These sessions are all about teaching & mentoring for clients who wish to know more about the work I do and the spirit world. Topics may include learning more about the spirit world, how to have a relationship with your own spirit guides, how to spiritually cleanse your home, the difference between ghosts and spirit people, how to enhance your own psychic abilities, etc.

  • These consultation sessions are purely for questions only; I do not conduct readings during this type of session.
  • I stress that any of my sessions should not take the place of professional assistance. If you are in need of professional assistance (i.e. doctor, psychiatrist, lawyer, financial advisor, etc.), please seek it. 

Individual Psychic Reading

I will sit with you and connect with the spirits to provide you with useful insight you can use to take steps towards reaching your potential.

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Intuitive Life Coaching & Empowerment

I help my clients get through certain periods in their life, or help them make serious life changes over time, or enhance their own spiritual growth.

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Group Readings & Parties

I will discuss your needs and arrange an event in your premises to fit your needs. Offered in-person in St John, BC and Dawson Creek, BC area, or by virual session.

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I can help investigate crimes and/or missing people and/or animals by using psychic abilities.

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