Rise Of The Phoenix – Part 2

Although clients still tell me they love my style, and would like to see more of me, and I am still busy doing readings, although much less during the past five years, I decided instead to pull my energy inward.

I turned down all interviews….all requests for radio, TV, or live appearances.

Amongst the most stressful time of my life over the past five years, somewhere along the line, I fell in love and married a wonderful man who continues to love and support me, my family, and my career. Without any public announcements to anyone, my three daughters and I packed up and moved to British Columbia where I worked on healing my soul by throwing myself into the gorgeous mountains and country air. On a rare occasion (well ok most days), you might have seen a posted picture of me in my rubber boots, no make-up on, and no hair done perfectly as you see in my professional glamorous photo shots.

But what you will see is the shadow of my smile coming back while I take in the fresh air, stunning scenery, while walking the dog or feeding our chickens.

Many people were extremely surprised at my sudden and quiet disappearance. Then again, the ones who really know me know that I always did take risks.

This time, however – I was taking the risk to open up. I still believe in fairy tales.

People always say to me “Nothing’s ever gonna change!” or “Oh God! I made another bad decision! I’m pregnant at age ___” or “I’m always choosing the wrong person (or job)!”

I say to my clients, “YOU have that power to change your life! You just have to start somewhere.”

Although I do my best to remain modest and humble, I know I am strong. I am also deeply grateful to be blessed with a gift and wisdom that can help others during their own personal storms and life changes.

But there is nothing at all special or different about me, than you.

I grew up on welfare. I don’t come from money. I grew up in a small fishing community. Emotions of depression, abuse, suicidal tendencies, bullying…..I’ve had A LOT of obstacles. I could’ve easily have been a drug addict or drank myself to death. I made so many mistakes….
I just don’t allow them to direct my life.

I will always have that sparkle in my eye, and a fighting fiery spirit inside that refuses to give up! Although I may whine just a bit…ok a lot, but I will continue to be my diva self.

So how do we come back from Ground Zero, when your whole world as you know it has been shaken? When the ones you love are hurting or have passed on, leaving a gaping hole in your heart?

  • Set boundaries
  • Disregard those who steal your energy
  • Take a mental health day once in a while
  • Pull your energy inward rather than spreading it too thin all around you
  • Spend time in Nature, around animals, and things that feed your soul
  • Get enough rest, fresh air, good food, exercise, and water
  • Be around those who make you laugh, and make you feel Loved
  • Pray to your angels, guides, and to Whom or Whatever is your Source
  • Be creative. Throw yourself into your art, music, writing, cooking, or whatever connects you to Spirit & your Soul
  • Have and set personal goals
  • Be honest with yourself
  • As for the passing of a loved one…I continue to live in the way they would want me to, even though I have my sad moments (and I allow myself to be sad), I don’t give myself permission to stay there.

I’ve had my rest. And, as usual – once again, I’m ready to give my best.
After a five year hiatus (mostly),

This is my “somewhere”.

And, Wow! What a beautiful, powerful place to be.

Through the devastation, the darkness, the cold and hard times, I found my peace, my healing, my strength, and my way, deeper within than I even knew existed. I had reserves of that fiery Warrior we all have inside, and she is vibrant, fierce, and very much alive.

I feel intuitively NOW is the time! Keep your eyes and ears open, stalkers….

Like the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes….

Get Ready Because this Mystical Creature is Coming Back Stronger Than Ever Before!!